Savour these delectable delights alongside your sakes. Stay tuned for updates.

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Freshly shucked oysters

Singapore’s first mobile oyster cart and the leading purveyor of on-site oyster shucking services since 2013. Serving freshly shucked oysters sourced from 7 countries with at least 5 different types of oysters from each country. From the sweet cucumberant taste to briny nutty flavours, you and your guests get to enjoy up to 3 distinctly different types of seasonal best oysters .


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Onigiri and Bento

Samurai, which is the symbol of Japanese culture, had Onigiri and Bento as a portable food for a long time, and rice was an essential source of energy for them who lived a hard life. Our brand name, SAMURICE, is from Samurai and rice, which we think are the symbol of Japanese culture, and we took this name as we image SAMURAI promote RICE culture to all over the world. In present day, Onigiri and Bento, which are full of joys and Japanese food culture, are still one of the Japanese soul food. We promote our Japanese traditional Onigiri and Bento from Singapore to Asia, from Asia to the world so that we bring the tasty, joy, and healthiness of Japanese food culture to the world.

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Roast Pork

Uncle G’s Handmade was started together by Kenneth and Joey, a husband and wife team in 2013. Uncle G's Handmade debuted as weekend traders at Pasarbella’s soft launch, where we introduced our Signature Crispy Roast Pork. This is what Uncle G’s Handmade believes in and holds onto when preparing our dishes. All of our dishes and condiments are self-made, meaning you cannot find them anywhere else!

Prior to this, Kenneth have enjoyed cooking since he was in his teenage years inspired from watching cooking programs and Michelin chefs’ videos on YouTube. Trained as an engineer, he enjoys hands-on hobbies which range from cooking, assembling and painting of model kits, wood work to mini electrical stuffs. This is why the word ‘handmade’ was added. However, cooking remains as his number one passion.

Crispy Roast Pork $8

Smoked Pork Jowl $10

Fried Chicken Skin $4

Bacon & Cheese Spring Rolls $4

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Indian-Mexican Tacos

Honest soul food, marrying traditional Indian flavours with Mexican classics. Taco Mantra is pretty much watching 'Money Heist' dubbed in Tamil. We serve up a cheeky twist of traditional Indian flavours/fillings, into these beautiful soft corn tortillas.

"Ven y Saapdu!"

Tacos 2/$12 3/$15

Butter Chicken

Kerala Beef

"Pulled Pork" Jackfruit

Fish Stew

Quail Egg Sambal with Poppadoms $6