Embark on a boozy educational journey conducted by industry experts. We recommend purchasing tickets early to avoid disappointment. Masterclass tickets are separate from entry tickets. Classes are conducted at Temple Cellars (UE Square, #01-12).

14:30 - 15:30 — Renaissance of Sake: New but Old

Up till 8 years ago, Tosa Brewing was a traditional sake brewery which made a lot of table sake for local consumption in Japan only. Since their new President Mr Muneki Matsumoto took over the helm of their family business, they have managed to successfully create their own style of sake after plenty of experimentation. Get to hear his story and enjoy this unique style of sake which has been winning numerous international awards in the past few years. Mr Muneki Matsumoto will share the changes he made to his family business to modernise a traditional sake brewery, and how some of these changes trace back to the historic and traditional methods to making his modern style of sake. Tosa Brewing is still a family-run sake brewery today, and uses only sake rice grown in their neighbourhood. They do not use any chemical fertilizers and create new products with traditional methods like Kimoto and Yamahai.

Conducted by 6th Generation President of Tosa Brewing Company, Mr Muneki Matsumoto

$30 per pax, limited to 25 slots

16:00 - 17:00 — Super Premium Sake Tasting

One of our most popular masterclasses over the past editions of Sake Matsuri. Sake Educator Adrian Goh will bring you through 4 different ultra premium sakes of different styles, showcasing why each sake is so highly valued. Get to taste these premium sakes during this masterclass, some of which costs over $150 a bottle.

Conducted by WSET Sake Educator and Sake Sommelier Adrian Goh

In the Sake trade since 2013. Adrian owns a sake trading company, Inter Rice Asia Pte Ltd, and currently represents 21 different sake breweries from Japan. He was a Sake Judge at the International Wine Challenge 2017, and again in 2018 in Yamagata Japan. He also owns a Japanese Sake bar in Singapore - Kimoto Gastro Bar.  “Certified Sake Sommelier” (SSA), “kikisake-shi” (SSI) and WSET® L3 Award in Sake certificates, “Advanced Sake Professional” (SEC), WSET® Certified Sake Educator, Graduate of the Japan Sake & Shochu Academy

$50 per pax, limited to 25 slots 


17:30 - 18:30 — An Introduction to Sake: An Outsider’s Perspective

Melvyn Yap is an everyman that fell in love with Japanese sake. We follow his interesting journey as he shares about how he started on sake, and how his palate has evolved over the years and even took on arguably the most difficult sake exam for professionals. Melvyn will guide you through his favourite sakes, and get to learn how to appreciate and select sake.

Conducted by Melvyn Yap, WSET Sake Level 3

$30 per pax, limited to 25 slots

19:00 — 20:00 Demystifying Namazake

Namazake or unpasteurized sake has been gaining popularity in Japan since the mid-1980s. This delicious sake is served in most izakayas in Japan but as a sake category, this is hardly available outside Japan. Join us as we take you through the world of Namazake; get to taste the “nama-ness” and different styles of Namazake.

Conducted by SSA Sake Educator Cheong TW

Cheong Tack Wai was first to introduce sake education to Singapore beginning with the Certified Sake Sommelier program in 2013 and a year later the International Kikizake-shi. He is also a Certified WSET Sake Educator. To date, he has taught 15 batches of sake sommeliers. The urge to learn sake in depth has brought him to about 150 breweries from Aomori to Kumamoto. He has judged sake competitions in Japan and his current interest is sake assessing.

$30 per pax, limited to 25 slots