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12:00 - 12:45 Fukouka Brewery Spotlight: Takamasamune Brewery & Kitaya Brewery

Get to sample a range of sakes from 2 excellent sake breweries from the Fukuoka prefecture, and gain an insight into these breweries and learn to appreciate the different styles. Takamasamune was founded in 1935 and they make both sake and shochu. Kitaya has been around for over 200 years and was founded in Yamato, Yamashitakyumi, during the late Edo period literary years. Kitaya's Daiginjo Gokujo was awarded as the "IWC Champion Sake" in 2013, a prestigious award for the best sake of the competition.

$10 per ticket


13:00 - 13:30 Regionality of Niigata: The Burgundy of Japan

This masterclass will give you an insight into the various types of Niigata sake and experience 5 different types of Niigata sake. Conducted by Kenji Ichishima.

Born and raised in Shibata City, Kenji Ichishima grew up around the brewery that had been run by his forefathers for generations. However, when he moved to Tokyo for high school, he acquired a taste for freedom that led him to spend four years abroad. Encouraged by his grandfather, Kenji went to the United States and spent time in Atlanta, Georgia and Albany, New York. His time in America rekindled Kenji’s awareness of his identity and reminded him of the importance of his family business, and after returning to Japan he decided to enter the sake industry. First at another brewery and then as a delivery boy at his family’s own, Kenji learnt the business of sake from the bottom up. Since becoming President of Ichishima Shuzo, he has achieved success in developing new products, improving quality, reducing inefficiencies, and discontinuing low-profit business components such as beer wholesaling. In addition to managing his brewery, Kenji is also deeply involved in the larger world of sake. As chairperson of the public relations committee of the Niigata Brewer’s Association, he has run the Niigata Sake Festival for the past four years. He is also very involved with the younger generation of brewers both in Niigata and throughout Japan as a chairperson of both the Shinseikai and the Japan Brewery Junior Council.

Having grown up in a brewery with a rich history that stretches back to more than 200 years, Kenji is new blood who respects tradition and culture but is also willing to consider and implement new methods, leading today’s sake industry with fresh and innovative ideas.

$10 per ticket


13:45 - 14:30 How to become a Sake expert in 45 mins

Become a sake expert quickly through this sake 101 masterclass. Learn how to drink and pair sake, as well as understand the differences between sake grades through tasting of various sakes. Conducted by Micky Chan,  “Certified Sake Sommelier” (SSA), “kikisake-shi” (SSI) and WSET® L3 Award in Sake certificates, “WSET®Diploma in Wines and Spirits”, “Certified WSET® Educator”, “Certified Specialist of Wine” (CSW) and “Certified Sommelier” (CMS) certificate

Mr. Micky Chan is deeply involved in Wine and Sake circles as educator, writer, international judge and consultant. He is the co-founder of Hong Kong Wine Academy “Umai” magazine and hosts his Facebook and Blog –, which is focused on F&B. He also delivers courses and trainings in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China. Micky actively participates in various international competitions as a judge. Some of these include the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), International Wine Challenge (IWC), Berlin Wine Trophy & Asia Wine Trophy, in addition to judging a few thousand bottles of wine and Sake a year. Micky was the second non-Japanese to be conferred the title of  “Sake Samurai” and this was a  recognition of his contributions and achievements in Sake.

$15 per ticket


14:45 - 15:15 Ishikawa Sake Brewery Spotlight: Kuze Brewery

Learn about the Ishikawa Prefecture as a sake producing region, and get to taste a selection of different sakes from the region. This will include sakes from Kuze Brewery, one of the oldest breweries in Ishikawa founded way back in 1786. This session will be led by Mr Yoshihiro Kuze and Francesca Chua.

Located on the Sea of Japan, Ishikawa is nice and cold — perfect for sake brewing. Ishikawa sake is usually quite clean and crisp, fairly fragrant and light. And more than anything else, it has a deep and complex structure of flavors that is indeed distinctive and memorable. As a general indicator of how good Ishikawa sake is, consider this: 80 percent of all sake brewed there is consumed within the prefecture. A kanpai to their continued success. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this session.

$10 per ticket


15:45 - 16:30 Super Premium Sake Tasting

Welcome to the world of super premium sakes. Learn and understand why these sakes are so highly valued and get to taste at least 4 premium sakes. This masterclass is led by Adrian Goh, “Certified Sake Sommelier” (SSA), “kikisake-shi” (SSI) and WSET® L3 Award in Sake certificates, “Advanced Sake Professional” (SEC), Graduate of the Japan Sake & Shochu Academy. 

In the Sake trade since 2013. Adrian owns a sake trading company, Inter Rice Asia Pte Ltd, and currently represents 21 different sake breweries from Japan. He was a Sake Judge at the International Wine Challenge 2017, and again in 2018 in Yamagata Japan. He also owns a Japanese Sake bar in Singapore - Kimoto Gastro Bar.


$30 per ticket


16:45 - 17:30 Modern Sake Making: A Woman's Touch

Born and raised in a small brewery located at the foot of the Mt. Tsukuba surrounded by beautiful nature, Misaki had not realized how different and valuable it is to grow up in a brewery and be raised by a mother who is also one of a few female Toji in Japan until she started travelling and living overseas. Introducing authentic sake and its amazing culture to the world is her mission. Conducted by Misaki Hoshi from Inaba Sake Brewery, Inaba Brewery Oversea PR/ SSA Sake Sommelier/ Miss Japan Tourism International 2017-18.

$15 per ticket