An Annual Affair

Featured Sakes

For this upcoming third edition of our Sake Matsuri Singapore 2019, we are stoked to have over 200 sakes available for tasting, of which some are here for the first time and some are available only for trade. To help you navigate the festival, we have shortlisted some special sakes that we think you should not miss out, including non-Japanese sakes and natural sakes. (More updates coming soon)



Great for New Sake Drinkers

ROKKON Tokubetsu Junmai Muroku Genshu
SMV -0.6, Rice Polish 60%, ABV 15%
Festival Price $135 (Usual $160)

From the Aomori mountainous region of Japan, this Muroku Genshu is a little lower in ABV compared to what you'd normally expect. Soft, fruity and slightly sweet and unpasteurised. The name ROKKON means six senses; beyond our five senses the sake is made with 'spirit' too. Even the bottles and labels are all handmade.


Taking things up a notch

Progressive Sake

KEIGETSU Junmai Daiginjo CEL24

SMV+3, Rice Polish 50%, ABV 16%
Festival Price $55 (Usual $69)

A slightly sweet sake from Kochi prefecture compared to the usual drier styles the area is known for. Very interesting and progressive sake with tropical notes of mango and pineapple! Juicy yet light. This sake is brewed using the exclusive CEL24 yeast which is only used in the Kochi prefecture. IWC Gold Medal winner. 🏅

We are also honored to have the president of this sake brewery Tosa Brewery share his journey and knowledge about building a Sake business in our masterclass series. Look out for this masterclass 14:30 - 15:30 — Renaissance of Sake: New but Old


Not All Sakes Are Equal

Talk about Natural Sake

NIIDA Shizenshu Kimoto Melon 3.33
Rice Polish 60%, ABV 16.5%
Festival Price $62 (Usual $76)

From the Fukushima prefecture, the Niida Shizenshu Kimoto sake is one not to miss! Similar to wild beers and natural wines, this is a natural sake. This means the sake is fermented spontaneously with natural ingredients. The blend of Kamenoo and Toyonishiki rice are both grown and harvested without the use of chemical fertilisers. Notes of lovely ripe melon with a tinge of sweet and sour. Juicy and round.


Making waves beyond the region

A look at non-Japanese Sake


ABV 12.5%
Festival Price $60 (Usual $75)

From the region of Camargue in Provence, France, LE GUISHU is a blend of 80% rice and 20% colombard white grapes. The rice and grapes are fermented separately before blending. The result is elegant and ethereal. Fresh citrus notes with lingering rose notes. This is an easy drinking delicate wine that can be easily paired with Western and Asian cuisine.


Time for something sweet

Aperitif or Dessert?

MURASAKI Shikibu Junmai

SMV -12, ABV 15.5%

Festival Price $68 (Usual $80)

You might know Ibaraki Prefecture for its natto but they also have some interesting sakes! Using Kadai-mai 古代米, this sake has a lovely reddish colour, familiar to those who like rose wine! In fact, the taste and aroma reminds us of wine and brandy. Recommended as an aperitif or dessert.


A tasty surprise

Japanese Craft Gin


ABV 45%, 500ML

Festival Price $98 (Usual $118)

Typical gins are distilled with various kinds of botanicals along with Juniper berries. KOMASA Gin from Kagoshima Prefecture is characterized by the minimalization of additional elements. The main botanical is the distinct Sakurajima Ko Mikan orange, only found in Kagoshima’s Mt Sakurajima. Citrus and fresh, great neat or with a dry tonic.